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System design is essential and refined for each facility, because each facility is unique. Square footage, surface varieties, time schedules, budgets, personnel and countless other parameters make each indoor environment an individual challenge. The days of designing an effective cleaning system on a napkin over lunch are long gone. These Highly demanding environments require systems that utilize today's best cleaning practices to achieve success and C4 software was developed to meet this challenge.

The new C4 software facilitates your ability to set up and manage your facility and personnel down to the square foot with access online 24/7.

Implement high performance cleaning systems with C4 software“s Capacity to support a range of cleaning systems a crossed user defined days and shifts.

You don't need CAD software to detail your space. C4 software will bring your JPG, PNG or PDF to life to measure and design your plan. Define your facility room by room, space by space, hour by hour and team by team.

All the details are included from data capture to job cards, including your ability to easily review and fine tune your high performance cleaning program whenever required,


Space Capture

Space Capture

Quickly capture capture and identify facility cleanable square footage

Space Capture

Specifications & Production Rates

Use templates to quickly assign tasks and production rates to workload in real time



Generate highly efficient routing with documented scheduling utilizing a user friendly graphical interface

Job Card and Map

Job Cards

Job Cards & Workflow maps ensure staff stay on task

Coming 4th Quarter 2018…….