2018 June webinar

High Performance Cleaning Webinar: 
06/19/18 10am-3pm eastern time
06/20/18 10am-3pm eastern time

Due to a health emergency, the Concepts4 seminar focused on High Performance Cleaning scheduled to be held in Toronto on June 19th-20th 2018, will now be presented as a free Webinar.

All the currently registered attendees will receive a full refund and automatically be registered for the Webinar.

The webinar will cover topics relating to the implementation and operation of High Performance Cleaning Systems as well as providing participants with an early look at the soon to be released C4 Workflow Software.

The High-Performance Cleaning concept as presented by Concepts4 is state of the industry reflecting the combination of Team & Traditional Cleaning systems.

High Performance Cleaning is a concept in which sustained, best-practice effort is the prime management ingredient feeding a system’s integrity. High Performance Cleaning must meet three key standards: cleaning efficacy, cost containment and sustainability; all require optimal results and represent direct value to the customer.

This is all wrapped in a protective shell of human health, safety, and environmental safeguards. During the past 20 years, we have found that the most efficient way to reach sustained high performance is to utilize specialists, engineer workflow, and apply team interaction. The best example of this is the widely used system of specialists coordinating duties as they do with team cleaning.

Registration includes all four sessions:

High Performance Cleaning Overview & Introduction- June 19th 10am- 12pm eastern

High Performance Cleaning System details- June 19th 1pm- 3pm eastern

High Performance Cleaning Setup & Documentation- June 20th 10am- 12pm eastern

High Performance Cleaning System Implementation- June 20th 1pm- 3pm eastern