Services & Products

Over the past 16 years we have developed a number of services & products that are very useful for building High Performance organizations.

Software developed exclusively to support the implementation & operation of Team Cleaning. From capturing facility data, generating specifications & determining staffing requirements to creating & documenting specialist assignment cards SysteamClean has its users covered.

Management Seminars
The Management Seminars represent the leading edge of high performance & cleaning systems in the industry. As the industry evolves, so has the seminar that introduced Team Cleaning®. The content has been greatly improved to meet demanding needs for hygiene, Indoor Environmental Quality, optimal productivity & sustainability.

On-Site Custom Seminars
We can bring the seminar on-site or design a seminar to meet the needs of our client. The main focus of the system is management and systems thinking. Over many seminars and workshops we have developed a very effective management system that is designed for custodial applications.

Workloading Service
This unique service is designed for Building Service Contractors & self managed programs that are looking for guideline information on staffing requirements. Send us your floor plans and we will determine a staffing level, set up workflow, design quadrants & create Job Assignment Cards. This is a comprehensive service based upon your cleaning specifications & a healthy indoor environment.

Quality Monitoring Systems
Quality monitoring is vital to improving an organization’s system, customer satisfaction and corporate growth. The first component of such monitoring is assuring service is delivered properly

Team Cleaning Implementation
A master plan is created to implement the system over the total facility/facilities. This is the key action step, if not performed well, will cause an organizations to fail.